EcoChic Lifestyles designs, manufactures, and retails upscale reclaimed wood furniture. I work directly with the CEO Owner to write the majority of their external communications, including web copy, blog posts, email campaigns, and press releases.

For the first version of the EcoChic website, I developed the brand voice and wrote all website copy, including 50+ product names and descriptions.

For the second version of the website, which was completely new and expanded, I worked closely with Coplex, a leading web development agency, to write SEO-friendly copy. I produced 5 standalone web pages, 10 blog posts, and 50+ new product descriptions (200 words each). I contributed to content strategy by surveying competitors and using the previous brand guidelines to create an expanded and updated brand voice and messaging document.

I now write a monthly blog post and email newsletter. I optimize posts for SEO using the Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress. I choose focus keywords and include them in optimal locations, and I write customized meta descriptions. I monitor the monthly newsletter’s MailChimp analytics (open rate, click rate), and adjust subject lines and content to improve engagement.

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