Adobe Systems is a multi-billion-dollar provider of consumer and enterprise software.

Over 7 years, I gained experience on a team of Documentation Managers, Writers, and Editors, and on other multi-disciplinary teams of Developers, Product Managers, Quality Assurance Testers, and Marketing professionals. I started in a junior role and eventually coordinated an Editing team of 3. I acted as Documentation Manager on about 5 small and mid-sized documentation projects. I was a member of Style Committee, working with editors in San Jose, Seattle, and Ottawa to reconcile Adobe and JetForm style guidelines after JetForm acquisition.

As Technical Editor, I completed developmental, substantive, copy, index, and trademark edits of technical documentation. Edited online help; procedural manuals for Developers and End Users; tutorial and training material; and SDK, API, and scripting reference guides. I collaborated on editorial style guide for instructional content and created style sheets for specific software products. I developed editorial processes and standards, and I trained new Technical Writers and Editors.

As Technical Writer, I researched and wrote online help, installation guides, and procedural and reference manuals for form design software and server products.

In both roles, I improved product usability for Developer and Consumer software products. I wrote and revised text in user interfaces, ensuring that labels and help info was clear and adhered to Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple standards for UX and microcopy.

Legal Reviews for Product Documentation

Scope 5 is a FinTech company that creates software that tracks emissions and energy usage to create corporate sustainability reports, assisting companies to meet environmental compliance standards.

I worked with the CEO and Chief Marketing Officer to create internally consistent website copy.

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SavvyDox produces digital document management software.

I wrote all copy for their first website based on the creative brief, positioning, and messaging from Dennis Van Staalduinen and Susan Englehutt, branding and marketing consultants.


EcoChic Lifestyles designs, manufactures, and retails upscale reclaimed wood furniture. I work directly with the CEO Owner to write the majority of their external communications, including web copy, blog posts, email campaigns, and press releases.

For the first version of the EcoChic website, I developed the brand voice and wrote all website copy, including 50+ product names and descriptions.

For the second version of the website, which was completely new and expanded, I worked closely with Coplex, a leading web development agency, to write SEO-friendly copy. I produced 5 standalone web pages, 10 blog posts, and 50+ new product descriptions (200 words each). I contributed to content strategy by surveying competitors and using the previous brand guidelines to create an expanded and updated brand voice and messaging document.

I now write a monthly blog post and email newsletter. I optimize posts for SEO using the Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress. I choose focus keywords and include them in optimal locations, and I write customized meta descriptions. I monitor the monthly newsletter’s MailChimp analytics (open rate, click rate), and adjust subject lines and content to improve engagement.

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Abbott Point-of-Care is an industry-leading global healthcare company developing patient point-of-care testing and diagnostic technology.

I wrote 15-page portfolios for 3 scientists at Abbott Point-of-Care who were seeking advancement. I conducted interviews with the scientists and their colleagues to describe their technical accomplishments and the impact of their work. The scientists were successful in obtaining promotions and internal awards based on the portfolio submissions.

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ThoughtFarmer delivers social intranet software to socially conscious companies such as credit unions and co-ops. I wrote a case study based on interviews with Cannondale Sports Unlimited staff.

I also collaborated with the Marketing VP and Marketing Coordinator on copy for updated website to describe software features in a simple and natural way. I wrote a new tagline, high-level product descriptions, and feature descriptions.

I wrote an 8,000-word white paper (“Reducing Culture Clash in M&A with Social Merger Software”), including interview questions, research, drafting, and editing, to help position the ThoughtFarmer product for companies going through mergers and acquisitions. I also adapted the white paper content into blog posts.

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